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New Gati FAQ's

What differentiates New Gati from other traditional logistics companies?

New Gati provides the freight industry with digital solutions. We eliminate the usual manual processes (multiple emails, long calls, follow-ups, invoices) and replace them with a central platform for all your logistics needs. Our online services and automated processes reduce booking times to minutes, reduce manual errors, and provide track-and-trace technology, making delivery easier and more efficient.

How do I apply for a reservation?

Our reservation system is a streamlined process. You can make a reservation request online on our website. After confirmation, our team will find the track that is closest to you.

How do I know the fees and bills?

When our system receives your reservation, you will be informed of the approximate distance your item has traveled, and your bill will be calculated accordingly. Using our rate calculator, we immediately give you the best prices online.

Why do I have to pay the token amount to confirm my reservation? What are the different payment methods you accept?

We use the token amount of booking confirmation to ensure that trucks arriving at your pick-up location are loaded.
Customers can make payments via NEFT / IMPS / UPI. It is compatible with all types of cards, so you can easily pay online.

How do I receive an invoice?

As soon as your package reaches the requested destination, you will receive an automatically generated invoice at the registered e-mail address.

Can I make a reservation with transport in several places?

You can definitely do that. However, additional fees will be charged for additional deliveries or pick-up points accordingly. Our team will provide information about any additional fees incurred at the time of booking.

How can I cancel my reservation? Is there a cancellation fee?

You can make a cancellation request from the customer service number on our site. The cancellation will then be approved in accordance with the terms of service. However, if the truck arrives at your pick-up location, a cancellation fee will also be charged.

Can I change the model after arrival at the collection point?

When you arrive at your pick-up destination, you can change your vehicle at an additional cost.

New Gati FAQ
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