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Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

We are an international freight forwarding company that offers numerous services to meet your business needs. We believe in providing logistics services on time. That is why our customers in more than 30 countries use our expertise to manage their daily logistics needs. We started with a vision to provide unique customer value with a passion for service. This vision has helped the development and growth of our business over the last few years. We have offices in all major markets around the world and benefit from a network of exclusive partnerships in all major cities, ports, and hubs. Our global presence enables our customers to deliver a seamless service experience anytime, anywhere in any country. At New Gati, the customer experience has always been at the heart of our business. Our approach to work is simple. Identify customer needs, deliver timely solutions, measure customer satisfaction and accelerate service delivery to the customer's workplace. We strive to achieve top quality in all our customers' needs. Innovation is one of our most important strengths. With custom options that add flexibility and value to the supply chain, it has become one of the industry's most distinctive freight forwarding companies.

Our Freight Forwarding Services

Whether it is simple freight transport from port to port or complex management of the supply chain, we provide the services you need under one roof. With a unique team of logistics experts, an extensive global network, and strong technical support, we can meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. Our broad service portfolios, rapidly growing geographical reach, and systematic operations have enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the world's leading international freight forwarders. We offer the following services:

Sea Freight Forwarding

For sea freight, you have access to NEW GATI’s integrated services to more than 350 destinations, and competitively priced FCL contracted delivery.

International Air Freight Forwarding

Regular integration from the main origins guarantees you the best possible service at the most competitive prices. Our fixed schedules allow you to schedule urgent shipments and arrive exactly when you need them.

Customs Clearance Service

With rich experience in customs clearance, the cargo will be cleared customs as soon as possible. In addition, our expertise allows us to deliver goods with minimal effort. With freight transport as our core business, we diversify into logistics, removal, freight transport, and outbound logistics. We offer additional services that require similar infrastructure and functionality. This makes us one of the largest comprehensive freight companies in the world.

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